A Tour of the Palmer Hall



As you enter the Palmer Hall, you come into the freshly decorated Entrance Hall with noticeboards about the hall's history, the Awards it has received and notice of forthcoming events.

New 039 Lobby Noticeboard

In the lobby are the doors to the newly modernised and re-fitted Ladies and Gents toilets.

New 025 Ladies sign

New 022 Ladies toilet

New 024 Ladies

New 029 Gents sign

New 027 Mens washbasins

New 028 Urinals

Now let's go into the Main Hall.

Go through the historic swing doors, with diamonds cut out of the woodwork.

These used to serve as peep-holes for staff to look through and make sure all was well with users of the hall during events and cinema screenings.

You will then enter the huge Main Hall that can accommodate up to 120 people.

Take a look at the magnificent floor made out of Australian Jarrah wood believed to be taken from the trucking alley of Huntley & Palmer biscuit factory in Reading.

Straight in front of you is the wonderful stage with motorised stage curtains. Many an amateur dramatic production, musical or band has played on this stage.

To the left of the hall are the hatches to the kitchen and the Bar Area where food and drink can be served. (The Palmer Hall does have a full drinks licence for the provision of alcohol).

To the left of the stage, is the entrance to the Accessible Toilet for disabled use and baby-changing facilities.


New 041 Stage 

New 034 Hall

The new Bar Area with serving hatch is a great addition to the Palmer Hall. 

There is lots of space to accommodate beer barrels and crates of beer as well as a fridge for wine and lagers.

New 018 Serving hatch

New 017 Bar area

The piece de resistance for the Palmer Hall is the recently installed Accessible Toilet for disabled users complete with a baby-changing unit.

The acquisition of an accessible toilet was a long time coming, as it was difficult to plan exactly where to locate it but, at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019, it was installed into part of the old storage area to the left of the stage and is now a valuable addition to the hall.

New 010 Disabled toilet 06.12.18

New 013

The Palmer Hall Committee hope you have enjoyed this little virtual tour of Fairford's historic hall. 

Please do come along and visit the hall in person.