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Many Fairford clubs and groups regularly use the Hall as a venue for their meetings and activities. As this website develops, more information about these clubs and their activities will become available from the main menu. In the meantime do check the Events Calendar to see what is happening and when.

Dance Club

The Palmer Hall Modern Sequence Dance Club meets Thursdays 8pm - 10.30pm except for the Thursday before the second Saturday of the month when there is a Saturday dance from 7.30pm  11pm.

For more information see the Club's web site at http://www.fairfordsequence.org.uk or contact Peter Jones on 01285 657917

New members and visitors are always welcome.



Fairford Womens Institute

Fairford WI is a friendly organisation for women of all ages. It offers companionship, the chance to hear interesting speakers, social occasions, outings and occasional opportunities to learn new skills.

Our local Gloucestershire Federation runs frequent courses on different subjects and there is also a National Federation which campaigns about important issues.

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7.30 pm in the Palmer Hall Fairford.

If you are interested you can contact our secretary, Jean Moulden on 01285 850280 or come along to one of our meetings



Heikina Kai Karate  - Traditional Karate

Meetings every Tuesday 5.00pm - 6.15pm - 6.15-7.15pm and Saturday mornings 9.00am - 10.15am

Cost Children £3.50

Adult £5.00


Come along and see what the club has to offer you and the rewards you can gain from self discipline, self awarness, better fitness levels and a sense of purpose.

Club clothing available for adults and children - with the Heikina Ki badge design on the front and back

On joining you can purchase a starter pack containing your first Gi, your first white belt, a club badge and a list of phrases and words preparing you for your first grading.

T-Shirts      £10.00

Sweat shirts £17.00

Hoodies £19.00

Badges £6.00




For Health and Safety regulations and the safety of our students Elasticated Mitts,shin/instep and feet guards are compulsory when sparring. These can be purchased from the club and should be taken to every session.  Ask Richard Hatton in class for details.

Yours in Karate

Sensei Steve Crowley FHK Soshisha

Telephone (01285) 712189


The Palmer Hall 100 Club

The Palmer Hall 100 Club started in 2003 and now has 164 members. The Palmer Hall Committee gives £950 in prizes through monthly draws with 9 prizes each month ranging from £5 to £25. In this special year, the Palmer Hall Committee would like to have a membership of 200 people and re-name the club the “200 Club”. To achieve this, the Committee would like all established subscribers to renew their subscription and would welcome new members.

For a subscription of £12 per year, you will be allocated a number, which will be entered into each monthly draw. 50% of the subscriptions are given back in prizes, with the remainder going into the Hall’s funds for maintenance and improvement of facilities. If you would like to support us by subscribing the equivalent of 24p per week, please contact Louise Hatch on 01285 711657 or Suzie Crowley on 01285 712189.



Fairford & District U3A is a friendly, lively association, open to anyone over 50 who is not in full-time employment. University is used in its original sense of a group of people coming together to learn. We enjoy working, playing and learning together for fun, not for qualifications. We have one monthly, general meeting in the Palmer Hall, Fairford, at which we have an outside speaker; the rest of the time we meet in interest groups, invariably in the day-time, which are organised by members and which can be broadly divided into the three categories of: Study, Crafts and Hobbies, Physical Activity.

The Third Age Trust is the national representative body for U3As in the UK. The individual U3As are self-help, self-managed co-operatives and are basically autonomous. The Fairford and District U3A has been running since 1984 and our membership is just over 300. If you are interested, take a look at our website:


or contact our membership secretary, Ivor Price on 01285 712417.